I lived my childhood in the countryside, near the banks of the great river Po,

in a privileged relationship with nature, animals and the earth.

The silence, the slowness, the delicacy and the harmony of the foggy landscapes in the interweaving of the poplar groves have forged my sensitivity.

I created my first "works" with earth, branches, flowers and stones. Taking care of the plants and putting my hands in the earth is still a pleasure for me.


Animals and nature have been my main source of inspiration for many years in illustrating children's books that have been published in many parts of the world.

I had a classical artistic training enriched by internships with artists and illustrators such as Emanuele Luzzati, Stepan Zavrel and others.

The passion for reading in general and for art history in particular has led me to plan and lead various art workshops for both adults and children.

I took part to several solo and group exhibitions.


There were then two fundamental encounters. The first one with the Theater; where I collaborated, as an artist and educator, in staging of shows for children such as Calvino's "Invisible Cities", Sophocles' "Antigone", Golding's "The Lord of the Flies" and many others.

The second encounter was the study and practice of Zen philosophy. Both have deeply changed my view of the world and of art, it was an unexpected and surprising inner evolution, both intellectual and emotional, that pushed me to seek a new path. The pure representation of reality had become a limit for me.

The confidence that I could always start over led my steps... and so it was.


The techniques, the supports, the materials and above all my vision have changed.

I have adopted the art name LoR and for several years my artistic research has been directed towards what I call the POETRY OF FLOWING, where there is no scream or provocation, but the need to bring harmony, to rouse emotion, to narrate the mysterious theater of life with its contradictions, its shadow lines and its flashes of light.



My pictorial works are mainly made on wooden panels, which I personally assemble in various shapes, on which I work with different tools and materials, such as acrylic, ink, paper, gauze, silk and cotton threads.

The thread is always present in my works; it express the connection, the bond, the necessary interconnection between things. While the gauze recalls the idea of protecting and caring.


I create pictorial and graphic works that would be reductive to define abstract, as the titles suggest they are inspired by a context, a current narrative that engages me.

There is a starting intention that gives life to a continuous dialogue between the stratification of materials, traces and my thoughts.

It's a slow journey, while creating there is no demand or development of something planned a priori, there is expectation of what the work reveals as it takes shape, of what manifests itself beyond my intention. My ability lies in solving the problems that the artwork poses to me and seizing them as an opportunity.

Graphic traces, like threads, are an important part of the development of the artwork, I like to think of them as marks on the skin of the painting. The traces that form on our skin, like hand lines, have always fascinated me.


My artworks are like organisms that move, sprout, dance, everything vibrates, pulses, everything is in the poetics of the flow, in a continuous and inevitable transformation.

This dynamic suggests the metaphor of the human and natural dimension, of its strength and at the same time its fragility.

They claim to pay attention, to go deeper, to understand instead of judging. They are a way of witnessing the questions of the present with delicacy and poetry.


The strength of the artworks is precisely their ability to suggest, to evoke, to leave room for the thought and emotion of the beholder. I invite the viewer to get involved, to be the author in turn.


The strength of the works is precisely the ability to suggest, to evoke, to leave room for the thought and emotion of the beholder. I invite the viewer to get involved, to be the author in turn.

The intention is to bring, through art, a reflection on our being and acting in the world, an unscreamed testimony of the "wound" and of the possible healing, transfigured into poetic form.


2023 Collective exhibition at Galleria del Carbone Ferrara

2023 Personal Konnubio Florence

2023 Collective exhibition at Galleria Arti<>sta Monza